Friday, 21 October 2016

Keycloak 2.3.0.CR1 Released

We've just released Keycloak 2.3.0.CR1. This release brings a number of new existing features!

Highlights of the release includes:

  • OpenID Connect certification - We've now completed the work on making our OpenID Connect implementation pass the OpenID Connect certification and we're currently passing all 5 profiles!
  • User SPI - We now have a new simpler User SPI. This will make it easier to implement a custom user provider to pull in users from any external user store. In the next release we'll port our LDAP provider to this SPI, which will make it possible to pull in users from LDAP without syncing data to the Keycloak database. Once this work is completed we'll remove the old User Federation SPI.
  • Realm Key Rotation - We now support multiple keys in a realm. This makes it possible to seamlessly rotate keys without any impact to applications and users.
  • Client Registration CLI - A while back we added dynamic client registration capabilities, we've now created a CLI that makes it easy to register and update clients from the command-line.
  • Dynamic Client Registration Policies - We've introduced a mechanism to control what clients can be dynamically created. This includes the ability to define policies to allow clients to register without the need to authenticate.
  • Node.js Adapter - We've had a Node.js adapter a while, but we've now polished it a lot and made it a first class citizen.

For the full list of issues resolved check out JIRA and to download the release go to the Keycloak homepage.