Monday, 28 August 2017

Keycloak 3.3.0.CR1 Released

We've just released Keycloak 3.3.0.CR1.

To download the release go to the Keycloak homepage.


Upgraded to WildFly 11 CR1

We've upgraded the underlying container to WildFly 11 CR1.

Cross DC Support

We've done loads of work to support multiple data centers. It's not 100% completed yet, but we'd love it if folks could give it a go and let us know what works well and what doesn't. There will be a blog post soon on how to try this out.

More Social

We've added support for social login with BitBucket and

Loads more..

  • Dutch translation - thanks to gedejong and Jacob van Lingen
  • Pass login_hint to identity brokers - thanks to dmnboutin

The full list of resolved issues is available in JIRA.


Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the migration guide. Release candidates are not recommended in production and we do not support upgrading from release candidates.