Thursday, 22 March 2018

Keycloak 4.0.0.Beta1 Released

I'm very pleased to announce the first release of Keycloak 4!

To download the release go to the Keycloak homepage.


Brand new login pages

The login pages have received a brand new look. They now look much more modern and clean!

UMA 2.0

Authorization Services have now introduced support for UMA 2.0 and added support for users to manage user access through the account management console. There's also a number of other additions and improvements to authorization services.

Themes and Theme Resources

It's now possible to hot-deploy themes to Keycloak through a regular provider deployment. We've also added support for theme resources. Theme resources allows adding additional templates and resources without creating a theme. Perfect for custom authenticators that require additional pages added to the authentication flow.

We've also added support to override the theme for specific clients. If that doesn't cover your needs, then there's a new Theme Selector SPI that allows you to implement custom logic to select the theme.

Native promise support to keycloak.js

The JavaScript adapter now supports native promises. Of course it still has support for the old style promises as well. Both can be used interchangeably.

Edit links in documentation

To make it easier to contribute changes to the documentation we have added links to all sections of the documentation. This brings you straight to the GitHub editor for the relevant AsciiDoctor file. There's also a quick link to report an issue on a specific page that will include the relevant page in the description.

HTTPS support on

Thanks to GitHub pages and Let's Encrypt there's finally HTTPS on About time?

Loads more..

The full list of resolved issues is available in JIRA.


Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the upgrade guide for anything that may have changed.