Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Keycloak Alpha 2 Released

3 weeks after Keycloak's initial debut, we're ready to introduce some new features in our Alpha 2 release.
  • Stian added theme support.  You can now customize any non-admin-console page using Freemarker templates, css files, and images.

  • Stan added a Wildfly subsystem and Bill ported it to AS7 and EAP 6.x.  Securing your WARs on JBoss AS7, EAP, and Wildfly is now much easier and uniform across all JBoss/Wildfly versions.  Also, with the subsystem, you do not even have to crack open a WAR to secure it with Keycloak.

  • Bill added Composite Role support.  Composite Roles can be associated with more fine grain roles to make it easier to apply and manage role mappings for your users.

  • Marek added backend support for Mongo, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL, and DB2.

  • Stian finished up his pure Javascript adapter that had been sitting on the back burner.

  • Somebody not named Bill wrote a GitHub Social Login provider.

  • Viliam was the cleaner.  He cleaned up all the messes that Stian and Bill created and fixed all the little bugs Bill was too lazy to do.

What's next?  No sure yet.  Probably a focus on full OpenID Connect support. Refresh tokens.  Openshift bootstrapping.  Maybe some new social plugins too.  Please visit the main Keycloak Website for documentation and links for downloads.